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Electronic Visitor/Contractor Signing In

EntrySign - Visitor Management System

EntrySign™ brings together all of the paper based health and safety and auditing systems that you will currently use in to one unique and easy to use digital system that provides you with live, up to the minute data and puts a wealth of information and customised reports just a click away.

The EntrySign™ system has many benefits and features designed to enhance and improve your health and safety procedures and has received universal praise from large companies and public sector organisations through to academies, colleges and primary schools.

Features and Benefits

Quick Sign In and Out

Checking visitors in and out hasn’t been easier, with ID cards or self-service touchscreens.
Fast Searching

An efficient, effective and easy to use search feature that can search for visitors, staff or contractors.
Evacuation Report

One click fire evacuation report can make sure everyone is safely outside the building.
GDPR Compliance

EntrySign’s tools and features can help your organisation become GDPR compliant.
EntrySign in Education EntrySign in Business
Improve safeguarding in your school by having live, up to the minute visibility of who is on site and a wealth of information and reports just a click away. Staff, pupils and students, authorised visitors such as school governors, supply teachers or peripatetic teachers and even contractors can all sign in and out using dedicated options on the touch screen, and the EntrySign back office suite can track CRB/DBS dates and other essential information. If you have an unattended reception area, EntrySign can ensure you still have a professional front-of-house for your visitors and deliveries with functions specifically designed for this purpose and notifying you staff by email when visitors sign-in or delivery men and couriers are waiting in reception. EntrySign is now used in many business, enterprise and corporate environments including offices, warehouses and factories, shopping centres, and government organisations such as the NHS and Fire & Rescue services.

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